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Creating lasting change with maximum impact.

HiDadFoundation raises awareness for the importance of men’s mental health for families.

Through research, advocacy and by leading conversations we encourage the public and policy makers to help end the stigma around men's mental health.

Over a third of Canadian men will not talk to others about how they feel to avoid feeling 'unmanly'.

Of the estimated 4,000 suicide deaths in Canada each year, close to 75 per cent are men.

Since the pandemic began, 1 in 3 men in Canada have had a mental health challenge. 

Mental health is important now more than ever.

We help break down barriers and stigmas, creating normalcy around mental health through research, advocacy, and by leading conversations.


Supporting studies and work from groups across the nation. 


Engaging networks, stakeholders and key policy makers to create long term change in the men’s mental health space. 


Be a source of inspiration and create safe spaces for men to discuss their mental health.

Hi Dad Foundation’s marquee event, Father’s Day on the Hill is an annual initiative that brings together Members of Parliament from all parties, key mental health stakeholders and policy makers to discuss mental health with a focus on men and fathers.

Donate today, and help us make a difference


Hi Dad Foundation

The Hi Dad Foundation was formed in 2022 as an outcome of Father's Day on the Hill, a non-partisan initiative founded five years ago by Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux.

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