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Raising awareness for the importance of men’s mental health

The Hi Dad Foundation was formed in 2022 as an outcome of Father's Day on the Hill, a non-partisan initiative founded five years ago by Member of Parliament Matt Jeneroux. The event was hosted in partnership with MPs Majid Jowhari and Gord Johns as a way of highlighting the importance of the mental health of new fathers. Over the years, the initiative has evolved to incorporate awareness around mental health for all men and boys, no matter age, stage of life, or circumstance.



A future free of barriers and stigma around men's mental health.



Raise awareness about the importance of mental health by leading national conversations, research and advocating for lasting change with maximum impact.

Creating lasting change with maximum impact.

The Hi Dad Foundation hopes to continue to raise awareness about the importance of men's mental health year-round with the goal of breaking down barriers and stigmas, creating normalcy around mental health. Through research, advocacy, and by leading conversations, the Hi Dad Foundation will encourage ways the public, as well as policy makers can make lasting change with maximum impact.

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